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On Offshore Wind

Use our database to search hundreds of documents related to offshore wind globally, including industry reports and governmental climate laws and policies. The OEP Resource Library is a partnership with Climate Policy Radar, aimed at opening the messy black box of policies and information, helping decision-makers design more effective strategies. Clicking to search will take you to Climate Policy Radar’s website.

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Offshore wind is a quickly-evolving sector, with an ever-growing influx of data, policy documents, and industry expertise. As an increasing number of governments open their markets to offshore wind development, we need to expand access to accurate and trusted information.

With Climate Policy Radar’s tools, you can explore, research, and analyse more effectively. Climate Policy Radar uses data science and artificial intelligence to turn documents into searchable, accessible, and useful information. 


For policy makers or researchers, identifying, selecting, and connecting the relevant pieces of information is difficult, time-consuming and expensive: those considering and evaluating possible policy interventions currently have no alternative to the endurance task of combing through thousands of pages to find a few relevant paragraphs, or relying on partial and anecdotal evidence and case studies to inform their work.


Our offshore wind database builds on Climate Policy Radar’s platform by introducing go-to documents from non-governmental sources, including industry, civil society, and multilateral institutions.


With this tool you can find offshore-wind industry reports, government policies, laws, and strategies from every country. You can search for keywords and policy concepts across the full text of all documents, viewing your search term and related phrases highlighted in the search results. 


This partnership is under development and will fully launch in January 2024. Future versions will include functionalities such as in-page translation of documents to other languages.