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Getting to our Energy Future, Faster


Ocean Energy Pathway accelerates the global clean energy transition by unlocking the immense resource of offshore wind power. 

Scaling offshore wind means meeting climate ambitions, enhancing ecosystems, strengthening energy security, and delivering transformative economic growth for local communities.

We deliver programmes in new markets offering structured technical assistance to support governments, industry, and civil society to fast-track the deployment of sustainable offshore wind projects.

Our Goal
2 Terawatts of offshore wind generated by 2050 globally

Turning targets into turbines

Enabling and scaling up a robust offshore wind market is complex. We help public, social, and private decision-makers create investable enabling conditions rooted in the unique circumstances of each country and reflecting global best practice.


The energy transition is diverse – delivering results looks different in Seoul versus Sao Paulo.

Our insight takes proven ingredients for offshore wind market development and optimises them for unique country contexts. We identify key blockers and challenges and craft bespoke strategies to tackle them, including an emphasis on the positive societal and ecosystem impacts of an accelerated offshore wind build out.


We deliver on-the-ground results in collaboration with our expansive global and local networks.

Lasting impact requires building durable collaborations. We support governments directly and we convene diverse voices from industry, civil society and conservation groups, and those who rely on the oceans for their livelihoods.



Our Mission

Offshore wind is changing the world. Through practical, delivery-focused implementation, Ocean Energy Pathway turns climate ambition into action. OEP will rapidly scale the development of offshore wind globally by 2030, helping to create 10+ new markets and contributing to the 2TW of installed offshore wind needed by 2050 to keep the world on track to 1.5 degrees of warming.


Why does this matter?

We care about scaling up in the right way. By the end of this decade, the world is expected to add upwards of 300GW of offshore wind. Central to OEP’s approach is a focus on nature and communities, ensuring the sustainable growth of the sector.

To get on track to deliver the volumes needed by 2030, we will have to expand the number of countries deploying this technology at scale. Building a sustainable offshore wind sector requires significant technical and regulatory work by public bodies including governments, power network regulators and marine agencies. Developing a sector that enhances ecosystems, delivers for local communities, and meets climate ambitions means drawing on diverse stakeholders and implementing collaborative approaches.


Where we work

OEP is a global organisation that targets countries at the frontier of offshore wind growth, where we can make the biggest difference in reducing carbon emissions and providing socio-economic benefits.


There is huge opportunity for the Asia Pacific region. 

Nearly half of all offshore wind installed worldwide in the next ten years will be in this region, from several new offshore wind markets.

Latin America

Driving green industrial growth in Latin America.

Latin American markets are increasingly looking at offshore wind to spur green industrial growth, prompting governments to improve the policy landscape.